JavaScript в IoT
March 9, 2017
Introduction to big data processing with Apache Spark
March 13, 2017

When iPhones and Wearables Dance the Bluetooth Dance: Lessons Learned

Speaker: Alberto Guarino

Stream: «Mobicode»


Creating a mobile app that communicates with a custom wearable device via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection seems like an unusual experience, that wouldn’t possibly happen to you, would it? Well, let me tell you that the Internet of Things is here and it’s full of interesting opportunities, so we, as a community, should keep learning and get ready to seize them!
During this talk, I’d like to tell you a few stories and lessons learned about my experience creating iOS apps and SDKs to interface with several smartwatches made for monitoring physiological signals. We’ll go through code samples, tools, unexpected bugs, clever ideas and bad mistakes, hoping we’ll learn something together in the process.