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February 13, 2017
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February 13, 2017

User acquisition

Speaker: Andrew Stain

Stream: «Marketing and Sales»


If we take a look at the top 100 Google Play or the App Store we can see that even big brands are trying to buy traffic to retain thier top rankings.
It is up to you to decide if there is a need to rely on organic traffic and virality, but it is necessary to have an alternative path that will help your application become a new brand.
I would like to discuss with you about the basics of Mediabuying, as well as how and where you could buy traffic by yourself if this is what you desire. On the other Hand, you can delegate the duty of promoting your applications to trained professionals who could help you get the results you need. However even professionals should be under control and one of the main ways of doing this is quality control of traaffic, which we will also analyze on some examples.
That won’t be boring for sure.