Microservices without servers
February 21, 2017
Millions of events per minute: we’ll count you as well!
February 22, 2017

Progressive Web Apps: line between web and native apps become thinner

Speaker: Oleh Zasadnyy

Stream: «Mobicode»


Over the years developers were used to thing that web is not user-friendly, performance efficient and powerful as native apps. But things have been changed so far; now you can build offline applications with notifications, Bluetooth and camera access and so on. Web development is great again.

– Quick startup – I will show how to prioritize content loading in the application to show users meaningful pixels as soon as possible
– Progressive enhancement – I will encourage you to use maximum of the platform but still support earlier browsers
– Offline application – here I will explain how you can easily make your web application working offline
– Push Notifications – one of the best way to increase conversion of your application and now it’s possible on the web. I am going to show how to do it right with few steps.
– Experimental APIs – I will show how to sign in once on all your devices with Credential API, use native share menu and make payments in few clicks