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March 29, 2017

Our answer to Uber

Speaker: Alexander Korotkov

Stream: «Highload Dev Conf»


Uber’s blog post about migration from PostgreSQL to MySQL made a lot of buzz in PostgreSQL community. Many of Developers PostgreSQL community realized shortcoming of our table engine (which is the only one yet). As result, many of patches were developer in order to overcome the shortcomings mentioned by Uber. Some of those patches are overlapping, even some of them are in contradictory. Those patches include: indirect indexes (indexes which references primary key value), WARM (write-amplification reduction method), RDS (recently dead storage). Also there are discussions about pluggable table engines and undo log.

In this talk I’ll consider points of Uber’s blog post from PostgreSQL developer point of view. I’ll tell which points I agree, which points I disagree and which points I partially agree. Also I’ll consider developments of PostgreSQL community, and how them can overcome mentioned shortcomings from my point of view.