Progressive Web Apps: line between web and native apps become thinner
February 21, 2017
REST in Peace
February 28, 2017

Millions of events per minute: we’ll count you as well!

Speaker: Pavel Scherbinin

Stream: «Highload Dev Conf»


“Mediator” is an analytics service. It currently serves more than 300 customers. For each of them “Mediator” collects around 10 events per user. This adds up to 1.3 billion events daily. We collect, analyze and store data in real time. The core of “Mediator” is a tricky combination of nginx & Tarantool.
How to cope with such a hogh load? How to collect data fast and safely? How to minimize ssl overhead? How to save & process millions of records per minute without a huge fleet of machines?
Pavel will share answers to all these questions during his report.