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February 13, 2017
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How to build a mutually beneficial relationships with the client: 12 lifehacks from PM-who-has-seen-it-all.

Speaker: Anna Lavrova

Stream: «Marketing and Sales»


Everyone is selling and buying something, or trying to reach perfection, or thinking that they’ve achieved it. But sometimes there is a disaster – your client goes to your opponent. And you cannot understand why? The project was delivered on time, and all the major conflicts during the development have been resolved. During the report you’ll hear 12 cases which transformed in 12 life-hacks on how you can build a lasting relationship or at least a strong friendship with your client.
1. Why should PM derive client relationship to a different level?
2. 12 mind blowing life-hacks:
– Keep quiet. Continue asking. Write down everything – collection of primary customer information.
– Dig down in business – Understanding of client primary values.
– Date №2 – gain the trust of your client
– Bad experience, as an opportunity to find your connection.
– “No BS rule” – do not show something you don’t own.
– Find a “common” language
– “Costly means worthy” from a client’s view.
– Know how to close a conversation.
– Feedback and its influence
– Control on the line even during a “storm”.
– Teach your team to communicate with your customer by your standards.
– Keeping the atmosphere, especially after signing the contract.
3. How to complete relationship, or be ready for it:
– Metrics and other ways to control expectations.
– Write down everything – Create yourself a reliable shield.
– Delegate responsibilities together with client – calculations of risk.