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March 21, 2017
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March 27, 2017

Enterprise JavaScript… What the Heck?!

Speaker: Vladimir Pavlov

Stream: «Frontend Dev Conf»


Enterprise JavaScript is a set of API modules that aims at standardizing the usage of HTTP client and server, database access, file operations, WebSockets, messaging, SOAP and even threads and streams manipulations for the JavaScript language. In this talk we will discuss the new API paradigm in Eclipse Dirigible and will show examples highlighting the features and usage of each of the modules. We will emphasize on the most important benefits like portability, avoiding engine/vendor lock-in, making use of proven API implementations and frameworks, to name a few. Some comparisons and analogies with the world of Enterprise Java will be drawn as well.
More info about the topic can be found at http://www.dirigible.io/api/index.html.