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February 13, 2017
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February 15, 2017

Android Things + Google Weave

Speaker: Zviad Kardava

Stream: «Mobicode»


Android Things is Google’s new operating system on Android basis, that was created especially for IoT. It makes it possible for every Android developer to create “smart things” fast and easily. Moreover, Google takes responsibility for Board Support Package (BSP) and OS updates. This approach provides developers with a platform for the development of their own IoT products. Along with Android things, a new communication protocol Weave was announced. These two products are aimed at expanding Google’s IoT platform and giving developers simple and familiar development tools. Zviad will describe in details what Android Things & Weave are. He will tell us how it is different from usual Android, what peculiarities it has & how to code on it. During his report Zviad will code a small demo app together with attendees .