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Март 13, 2017
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Март 16, 2017

Can Facebook Advertising replace Google Adwords?

Докладчик: Khanda Daudi

Поток: «Marketing and Sales»

Описание доклада:

1. Facebook Ads Basics
* Campaign Types
* Which Campaign type you should use for which Online Goal with Examples of my Clients
2. What you should know about Facebook Advertising
* Main Issues — Targeting Group
* Powerful Features — Retargeting
* How this is all leading to more Conversions
3. Community and Content Marketing on Facebook
* Building a Community on Facebook
* How should my Fanpage look like
* Which Content should i share — with best practise
4. Facebook vs. Google
* Differences between both Platforms
* When should i use which platform
5. Conclusion
6. Questions